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Gerry Hughes – World’s first ever Solo Deaf Sailor round the world!

7 May 2013

The British Deaf Association is delighted and proud to welcome back one of our great British Deaf heroes, Gerry Hughes, who will be returning home to Troon very soon after eight months of sailing single handed around the world, passing all five Southern capes. Gerry makes history as the world's first ever solo Deaf sailor round the world.

Many deaf children and young people around the country have been tracking his progress during their geography lessons. They have been inspired knowing that their own dreams could come true one day. Gerry dreamt about sailing around the world but people laughed, asking how it would be possible for deaf people to hear dangers while sailing in the mighty ocean storms or sleeping in the dark. But his achievements in overcoming these problems will motivate every Deaf person to pursue his or her own dreams without limits!
The BDA says "Go, Go, Go, Gerry" for a final time and when he finally arrives in Troon we will say "Stop, Stop, Stop, Gerry" - it's time to and spend time with your family and close friends.
What an incredible and courageous example of "Deaf can do". Gerry has truly inspired all deaf people to show the world what we can do. 
David Buxton    
Chief Executive

Dr Terry Riley
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